Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant-Supported Dentures

Once you have a tooth or teeth removed, what comes next? You may wonder how you’ll be able to eat, smile, and speak as you used to without issue. At Lahaina Smiles Dental, we offer custom-made implant-supported dentures as a solution to replace any number of missing teeth. For the procedure, two to four tooth implants will be placed in your mouth as anchors for the dentures. Then, we will attach the dentures to them.

Our dental implants are designed to look just like your natural teeth and are strong enough for long-term use, so you’ll be smiling as usual for years to come.

Common questions about dentures

What are the benefits of implant-supported dentures?

Using dental implants for this process offers multiple benefits. They make it possible for the dentures to permanently remain in your mouth or be easily removed for regular cleaning and maintenance. Besides providing a solid foundation for your dentures, dental implants can also improve the health of your mouth and gums. And, with proper care, they can last for a very long time.

Why Not Use Traditional Dentures?

Though traditional dentures are suitable restoration solutions for some patients, they can be challenging to use and maintain. 

For one, they require applying messy adhesives to stay in place. Even with the adhesive, sometimes the dentures may still accidentally fall out, which can be embarrassing for those who use them while eating out or at a social event. They can affect how you eat and speak, especially as you’re still getting used to them. Traditional dentures also require regular nightly cleanings to avoid oral health issues like gum disease. 

Another downside of traditional dentures is that they do not necessarily prevent bone loss and gum disease, which is more common in patients with missing teeth.

Am I a good candidate for implant-supported prosthesis?

Almost anyone with missing teeth can benefit from implant-supported dentures. To find out if you’re a candidate, schedule a consultation with our dentists in Lahaina today!