Our hearts go out to our Lahaina community who has suffered and continues to suffer during this tragedy. We know that for a lot of us we are devastated dealing with tragedy and are left trying to pick up the pieces. Many of us lost everything and even worse had our loved ones taken away from us. We love our Lahaina Ohana! Dr. Barba, Dr. Kadohiro, and the team of Lahaina Smiles Dental have felt privileged to help take care of the dental needs of our community here over the years.

To those of you who reached out to us, asking how our office is doing, thank you for your aloha and kind thoughts. Our office was destroyed in the fire. While our team is struggling and several of us have lost our homes, like the rest of Lahaina residents, our team is safe. We are working on ways that we can best help out during this difficult time.

Our message to our patients is that we want to ensure that your dental needs will be taken care of. Please continue to let us know if you have any emergencies and we will help coordinate your care. We are currently working with other dentists on island to make sure that your dental needs are taken care of for the time being. We will identify spaces we can work out of to continue to provide you care and will be back when we rebuild!

We hope you and your ohana are safe!

Steve Barba, Glenn Kadohiro and the team at Lahaina Smiles Dental