dental crowns

Dental Crowns

Over time, some teeth will wear down. When a tooth is damaged by large tooth decay, loss of enamel or shows signs of fracture it may benefit from a dental crown. Dental crowns are tooth-like caps, often made of a strong white material that are placed on top a tooth. It helps restore the tooth to a normal shape and helps to strengthen it to slow down the damage to the tooth. It will cover up old fillings and stain on teeth. Our office works with a lab to make crowns out of Porcelain, Zirconia (white and toothlike material) and Gold. We will help you choose what crown will work best for you! 

    Why do I need a crown?

    Crowns can have many purposes in dentistry. Some of these include:

    • Covering discolored/broken teeth
    • Helping to keep a tooth from fracturing by holding together weak parts of the tooth that are cracked
    • Helping to support a tooth with large fillings and avoiding untimely/painful fractures
    • Helping to seal and protect teeth treated with root canals
    • Helping to restore missing teeth with dental bridges and implants

    What is the procedure for a dental crown?

    Dental crowns are a two visit procedure at our office. During the first visit, we will remove tooth decay and broken down fillings. If needed, we will place a buildup to help protect the parts of the tooth close to the nerve and to help strengthen the tooth. We will then conservatively shape the outer/broken layer of the tooth so that your new crown will fit. We will take a digital scan of your tooth so the lab can start customizing your crown to fit immediately! We will put a temporary crown on your tooth, which will help protect your tooth until your new crown is ready. During the second visit, we will verify that your crown fits well and that you like it. We will cement it to your tooth so you can get back to chewing great!